She took me by surprise.

Light it up.

Tal had an accident.

You want me to do your dirty work for you, don't you?

Why did you agree?

It's all I need.


This isn't the time or the place for that.

Stefan enjoys reading books in French.

I cut myself on a piece of glass.

Please call a taxi for me.

He speaks with his mother every day.

I, for my part, don't care.

Let me congratulate you on your success.


He is no better than a beggar is.

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The concert was successful.

This candlestick is very heavy.

I think that would be very helpful.

I thought you had learned that by now.

I feel lonely.

Everyone in her class likes her.

I hate this rug.


Hank was a successful handsome businessman.


The hunting dog headed for the woods.

It's very obvious that Bertrand likes Linley.

They began to make violent attacks against the enemy.


I don't eat as much as I used to.

I defy you to tell the genuine article from the fake.

It may sound strange, but what she said is true.

It sounds simple, I know.

USA stands for the United States of America.

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Please put away this box for me.


Barrio got shot.

We had lunch.

You're late.


Curt finally came up with the cash.

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They relaxed on the beach.

I once read a sweet poem about an empty pot... Unfortunately, I forgot it.

If we don't do it, who will? If not now, when?

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How many planets are discovered every year?

The child protested against having to swallow the medicine.

Let's meet here again tomorrow.

Novorolsky saw Teruyuki's car in the garage.

That is a very reasonable thing to say.

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Janos was surprised that anyone else was there.


It's really stinky.


Does Mike call his dog Pochi?

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Rathnakumar is quite confident.

We just moved in.

We play football every Saturday.

Sanford washes his hair almost every day.

Sanand is very patient.

Kenton plans to go on a vacation next week.

He talked about his expectations.


It should be made illegal.


Sick people tend to be pessimistic.

Do you know what Marla's nickname was when he was a kid?

Do you think Izzy would know how to fix this?


I cannot say who is on the list because I still have not seen the list.

Eddy had a good time when he was in Boston.

Have a good life.

Sridharan and Cary just announced their engagement.

You must act under the leadership of your supervisor.


He enjoys reading scientific articles.


Pip was seventeen and John was sixteen, but they were both still at school.

Arne was beat to a pulp by his father.

Catherine can make anybody laugh.


I trained with the paratroopers.

Sandy doesn't want to see Jianyun anymore.

He rose from his seat.


Older people still remember the Kennedy assassination.

Even though we're supposedly in a recession, people are traveling abroad in record numbers this Golden Week holiday.

Horst hasn't regained consciousness.

Get your facts right.

My oldest brother attended the meeting on behalf of our father.

I want to send Skip a letter.

I should get ready.

I play sports at my recreation center.

You were asking for it.

Trent didn't like that movie at all.

This country is really going to the dogs!

Tell me the reason why Annie was fired.

Apple sold 75 million iPhones this quarter.

We haven't done that all year.

I'm not lazy but diligent.

I can help you learn Russian if you want.

Competence and performance are two different things.

We're supposed to meet Annie in thirty minutes.

She said that she was Susan.


Johnathan will return home soon.

She ran over her lines once before she went on stage.

She went with him.

I want to practice a little more.

The price of cabbage fell because of overproduction.


He is quite clearly out of danger.

Sergei is in New York now.

They're spies.

It's too heavy to lift.

Nowadays his father goes to work by car.

They wanted to punish me.

I was wrong about that.

Warts are ugly but harmless.

Your boyfriend is really handsome.


Bob filled the teapot with water.


Antonio is a person of interest in Syd's disappearance.

Not until they had arrived home did they feel safe.

Masanao was the coordinator.

It kills me.

He saw the file.

Good evening!

I'm a cocaine exporter.

We'll have to talk this matter over in the near future.

Have you ever borrowed money from your company?


I love studying history.

His hair's thin at the temples.

Fasten your seatbelts.

I'll go buy some bread.

What can we do to increase our profits?

Both sides had to compromise with each other.

She came to her senses in hospital.

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He gets angry over trivial things.


Using a flashlight, the policeman signaled the car to stop.

Where do you work now?

You're not perfect.

Very little is known about them.

How many pictures are there in this album?

Do you have a double room?

Who will win Ohio?

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Is there a flight in the afternoon?

I want to spend the whole weekend in Boston.

I want Dieter brought to justice.

You will take one of the streets.

Nobody can outdo my generosity, but I am only a little boastful.

Skirts are worn short or long as one prefers this year.

You are teachers.

I think it's time for me to retire.

He tries to make a good text for the audience.

The dog's collar is red.

Let us know in the comments!

I helped Carlos fill out the application form.

You speak very fast.

Nathan thinks he knows what Roberto wants.

Dick made a decision.


I don't know exactly yet.

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You can't do anything.

I don't care about profit.

I heard that you had a date with Roger. How was it?

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What would life be like without electricity?

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I'll help you cook dinner tonight.


She bent down.


You had better go and speak to him in person.


Are these books yours or mine?

Show me everything.

God is, of course, omnilingual. He can understand everyone's prayers, no matter what language they're in.

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They beat them.


I don't know if that's a great merit.

Beckie has trouble admitting when he's wrong.

Global warming since 1997 has occurred more than twice as fast as previously estimated.

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Would you excuse us just a second?

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I'm happy nothing bad happened.